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To be eligible for the 2020 season your birth date must be prior to 12-31-1985


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35+ Division Player Pool

 NameAge Position(s)CityComments
Matthew Morrison 40 1B, 3B Lakewood Really want to get back into baseball after playing softball for 15 years
Charles Washington 44 OF Cleveland Heights Played baseball in Columbus MABL/MSBL 18+, 25+ and 35+ from 2003-2018.
Raymond Vislosky 52 SS, OF, 2B Willoughby Looking forward to playing. I heard about it from a H.S. buddy of mine who plays. I wanted to try it out.
James Heath 44 1B, P, OF Aurora Looking forward to returning to the game
Mike Kmetz 43 C,OF Brunswick limited games played last season, 2 years prior played with Brothers Lounge.
Mareo Banks 35 2B, SS, 3B Garfield Heights Played baseball in a free agent league for a few years
Jeff Holtzapple 47 OF Aurora Bulls last year
Jesse Harris 39 P Sandusky Looking to be part time to pitch here or there a couple innings if someone needs the help
Steve Campbell 50 2B,SS Akron Played a lot of baseball.
Garry Sefcik 52 1B,2B,3B Mantua Oh Played for many years last team the Mudhens in Akron

53+ Division Player Pool

 NameAge Position(s)CityComments
Dave Woisnet 59 infield Cleveland I just want to play
Bill Woods 62 of Elyria Played several with Blue Jays under Eric Lahetta. I still have good speed ; plus I'm a good left-handed contact hitter.

60+ Division Player Pool

 NameAge Position(s)CityComments
James Looney 64 2B Lakewood heart attack survivor